Auto Insurance in Texas

Owning a vehicle in Texas comes with a small minimal insurance requirement. Whether you live in Victoria, TX or another area, you must carry some form of auto insurance. At Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency, we want to offer Texas requirements and more.

So, What is Required?

Drivers on Texas highways have to carry liability coverage at the minimum as a way to maintain responsibility for accidents that are their fault. Also, most lenders in Texas will not allow residents to drive any vehicle that currently has a lien without full coverage while they are still paying off the balance. Once a Texas resident has paid their balance and owns the car outright, they are able to change their insurance if they like.

Liability Coverage

Liability is probably the most important part of auto insurance coverage because it is required by law. Also, liability allows you to have that financial protection when you are responsible for damages to another party. With this coverage, you get financial assistance for the requested amount to cover medical costs for those injured and for damage to the other vehicle involved.

Comprehensive Coverage

This coverage option is available to protect you and your personal belongings in the event that your car is stolen or broken into. Damage can happen to your car off of the highway, and that is what comprehensive is for. File a claim with your policy if your car is damaged while parked.

Collision Coverage

Even if you are not the responsible party for an accident, you still may end up having to pay for damages done to your vehicle and any medical expenses that you incur because of the accident. With collision coverage, you can protect yourself against the uninsured and irresponsible drivers on the highway.

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