RV Insurance in Texas

As the warmer temperatures start to rise in Texas, so does the need for cleaning out that RV and hitting the road straight out of Victoria, TX. Of course, before you take off on your next adventure, make sure you have a current RV insurance policy with Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency.

Liability Is Essential

While RV insurance is not required in Texas, having an insurance policy with quality liability coverage is the responsible choice for financial protection. In the event that you are responsible for an accident, you can have the financial assistance you need to cover the costs. While on vacation, relax knowing you have coverage for any incidents while your RV is being used as a dwelling. Having liability coverage throughout the duration of your RV is critical for protection.

Agreed Value Coverage

If your RV is damaged beyond repair in an accident, you can receive a replacement value that was agreed upon between you and the insurance agency. If you are away from home when the accident happens, this option gets you back on the road and back home without additional stress. This is pertinent for travel trailers and motorhomes in the RV family.

Protect Property & Pets

While on your vacation, you are traveling with personal property and – for many of our clients - pets. Your property that is damaged during an incident can be replaced with this coverage option. Should your pet be harmed during an incident, get veterinary assistance to get them back on their way to recovery.

Roadside & Emergency Assistance

If you are traveling with your RV and you have mechanical trouble, roadside and emergency assistance are available to you. Have comfort knowing that you can get your RV towed to safety and off of the dangerous highway.

Call Us Today

If you are looking to upgrade your RV insurance policy before you take on the open Texas road, give our agents at Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency a call today. We look forward to serving the Victoria, TX and surrounding communities.