Motorcycle Insurance in Texas

Viewed the same as driving a car, Texas mandates that motorcycle drivers carry insurance while on the road. The minimum liabilities are the same for motorcycles as they are for cars or similar motor vehicles. (RVs and other select vehicles are their own category.) Our professionals at Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency, serving Victoria, TX and surrounding areas, can help you get the coverage you need to stay legal and stay protected.

What Does Texas Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

The state minimum requirements for insurance coverage is $30,000 per injury per person / $60,000 total injury / $25,000 property damage. Though Texas does not require full coverage, it is an option -- and often a good idea -- to take on extra policies due to how expensive a small accident can be. For example, should a rider’s injuries exceed $30,000 in one accident (which does not take much), the rider will have to pay the disparity out of pocket. The same applies should the rider cause more than $25,000 of damage to another’s property.

Elective motorcycle insurance policies can include:

  • Under/Uninsured Motorist. This is a protection that will cover your damages if someone else hits your motorcycle and that person does not have enough insurance to cover the expense of the repairs.
  • Collision and Comprehensive. These protect you from the expenses of a motorcycle accident regardless of fault, as well as non-collision damage or expenses incurred by covered events, usually theft, hail, or vandalism.

What Are the Penalties For Failure to Comply?

Should someone be caught riding an uninsured motorcycle, penalties of this misdemeanor could include:

  • Fine of up to $500.
  • Three-month confinement in county jail.
  • Both.

The damage from a single accident can far surpass the costs of insurance. There is no price on the comfort of knowing that your motorcycle is protected. Contact our professionals at Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency of Victoria, TX, to keep yourself as protected as you keep your motorcycle.