Motor Home Insurance in Texas

A longtime dream of many Americans is to retire, sell off everything they own, pack up the camper, and set out on the road. There are a lot of perks in a lifestyle like this - no more utility bills, freedom to see the land, and no more unannounced visitors. But, what about the things that can go wrong? Auto insurance is all the motor home needs, right? Not necessarily. At the Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency of Victoria, TX, we can help you ensure that your dream is both real and really protected.

Texas Motor Home Insurance vs. Auto Insurance

Like auto coverage, driving a motor home requires coverage on the roads of Texas. Also, like auto coverage, there are minimum state requirements as well as extra coverage options for your own peace of mind. For example:

  • Liability Coverage is required by the state of Texas. This covers damages to the property of others which were caused by your actions.
  • Collision Coverage is additional coverage. This will pay the costs to repair property damage to your motor home if in an accident even if it is your own fault.

With that out of the way, the intended use of your motor home will affect which policies are a better option for your needs.

  • People residing in a motor home may wish to decide to add comprehensive coverage to protect from non-collision types of damages, including theft or fire.
  • Road warriors may find it worth adding Emergency Expense coverage. This is for the unexpected events that can place you in need of a hotel or other expenses while out and about.
  • Storage Coverage is ideal for those who only use their motor home during a particular season and plan on leaving it to sit for the remainder of the year.

What is Absolutely Necessary?

The ins and outs of insurance are pretty complex. It may be expensive to add all of the extra policies for the sake of being cautious, but it can be much more costly to only have liability insurance should a catastrophe arise. Contact our professionals at Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency, of Victoria, TX, to learn what is best for your circumstances.