What Is Renters’ Insurance?

A rented home can come with some dangers that you can protect yourself against with insurance. Getting renters’ insurance is a way to protect yourself against several risks that could otherwise leave you without your belongings and even without a home. If you don’t have renters’ insurance yet, contact us at Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency in Victoria, TX, to discuss the coverage you need.

Protecting Your Possessions

One of the main things that people get renters’ insurance for is the coverage of all their belongings in the rental. This coverage protects you in case something terrible happens that ruins your belongings. With renters’ insurance there to pay for the items you lost, a catastrophe doesn’t have to be a devastating blow to your finances. Your items can all be replaced through your insurance company. To ensure that you have everything covered, it’s important to document what you owned either by taking a video or photos of your possessions. 

Covering Your Liability

When you have a person in your house, and that person becomes sick or injured, you are likely to be held liable for the medical bills that will result. Another important reason to have renters’ insurance is that it covers your liability for incidents like these. With this coverage in place, you won’t have to come up with the medical bills yourself. 

Moving You Elsewhere

Another type of coverage it offers is to provide you with another residence if yours should be destroyed or significantly damaged. With this insurance, you don’t have to try to stay somewhere that is uninhabitable. You can instead move in elsewhere and have those expenses paid for by the insurance company.

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