What Are Some Common Motorcycle Insurance Discounts?

Motorcycle insurance policies often come with various discounts to help you save money on your premiums. Some of the most standard discounts include maintenance of a clean driving record, security features installed on your bike, multi-policy savings, and a variety of age-related factors. Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency in Victoria, TX offers you this guide in navigating motorcycle insurance.

Common Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

Even though most standard motorcycle insurance policies do not require you to maintain a clean driving record to be covered, many insurers offer a discounted rate if you can keep a clean driving record. This can save you up to 15% on your premium. 

Separate policies can often save you up to 10% on your motorcycle insurance policy. This especially happens when a significant other drives a car and wants the coverage. If your motorcycle has security features installed, you may receive up to a 15% discount on your policy. This includes things like anti-theft devices. 

If you can combine your motorcycle insurance with other types of insurance, you may receive up to a 10% discount. It’s more experienced if you’ve got a significant other who drives a car and wants the coverage.

Best Motorcycle Insurance for You

Finding the best motorcycle insurance for you will depend on several factors, such as your current level of insurance protection and the type of bike you plan to ride. 

Many insurers offer a discount on motorcycle insurance if you have a policy with them for several years. Some insurers will even offer a guaranteed rate if you ride a certain brand of bike. 

Some companies offer better rates for riders who take a safety course, so it’s worth the investment. You should also make sure your policy has adequate coverage. 

Install Security Features on Your Bike 

Consider installing a high-quality lock, such as a U-lock, chain lock, or cable lock. Make sure to choose a lock that is appropriate for your bike. A high-quality lock also means that it is difficult to crack. 

Keep your bike in a well-lit, public area, or consider installing a bike shed if you live in an apartment or condo. Install a solid lock to keep your bike secure, invest in a bike bell to let pedestrians know you are coming, and get a light for riding at night. 

You might also consider getting a bike tracker if your bike gets stolen. Conveniently, most smartphones are now equipped with a GPS that can be used to track your phone when stolen or lost.

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