How to cut maintenance costs for your motorhome

Buying a motorhome is rewarding as it can take you anywhere you want to be and back home without breaking the bank. However, it can quickly empty your bank account if you’re not careful with maintenance costs. At Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency, we recommend conducting routine maintenance to ensure your motorhome is in tip-top condition every time you head out. The last thing you want is to get stuck in an unknown location far from Victoria, TX. Simple practices like cleaning go along away towards keeping every system in great condition.

Prioritize seasonal maintenance

Skipping or ignoring simple maintenance routines can dent your wallet when they escalate to bigger problems.  Simple practices like storing your motorhome in an enclosed structure away from elements, routine cleaning and dusting the entire unit, and changing worn-out parts play a huge role in keeping maintenance costs low.  Make sure all the unit’s systems are running smoothly and keep the rig in good condition to avoid malfunctioning.

Avoid fake or look-alike parts

You did a pretty great job finding and buying your motor home. The last thing you want is to install a system that ends up damaging other parts of the motorhome.  Be careful when sourcing spare parts, as there are so many fake items out there. Inquire about prices and seek help from an expert before buying any part in Victoria, TX.

Hire a qualified mechanic

Your motorhome mechanic significantly determines your maintenance costs. To save big, get a professional mechanic to handle your motorhome. Professionals always go extra when conducting inspections to prevent future problems. They will break down costs and advise you accordingly every time your RV has a problem.

Don’t forget about your RV insurance policy. Keep it updated to make sure you have enough coverage. If you need help with your policy or are looking to buy a new policy, Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency can help you find a policy that fits your needs. Call us today.

What Are the Different Classes of RVs?

Before you buy an RV, consultation is one of the critical steps that you must never overlook. It is not one of the projects you strategize overnight and wake up to a dealership. The classes are limitless, featuring different designs that come at varying prices. If you live in Victoria, TX, and you wish to own an RV, follow closely to some insight on fundamental aspects. 

The first thing to understand is that the models keep increasing, making it a hilly task to choose. However, with some guidance, you can get your dream RV by avoiding common mistakes that most people end up making. Here is a brief review of some of the makes in the market today.

Basics of a Class A RV

A class A RV mimics a bus whose front side features a vertically flat shape. It is 40 feet long, and the interior comes with irresistible elegance courtesy of the entertainment equipment, its bathrooms, and kitchens. You will appreciate its comfortable beds, dining, and seating area.

Understanding a Class B RV

Some call it by the second name, van camper. It features a chassis similar to a van, whose roof appears raised than usual. The RV is among the small-sized but comes with sufficient family amenities. They include a sink, a bed, a small fridge, a stove, and a bathroom. Its advantages over the large motorhomes include the parking convenience, less complicated to drive, and can serve well as a family van. 

What Class C Motorhome Entails

The class C RV ranks among the largest, fit for large families. It measures 25 to 45 feet and comes with multiple options and amenities to meet your expectations. With its generous space, the RV presents extensive luxury as it features supreme comfort to a family.

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What Are the Reasons For Having Motorcycle Insurance?

Riding a motorcycle is fun, but it also can be dangerous. Therefore, it is important to have such reliable protection as motorcycle insurance. The purpose of motorcycle insurance is to protect you in case of an accident, theft, damage, or any other unfortunate situation. If you are not sure whether you should get motorcycle insurance or not, Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency serving Victoria, TX prepared a list of reasons why having this type of insurance is important:

Motorcycle Insurance Will Help You If You Are Injured

One of the main reasons why motorcycle owners should have this insurance is that it protects them and their motorcycles by providing personal injury and collision coverage. It will reimburse medical expenses, lost income, and childcare if you are injured in an accident. 

Motorcycle Will Cover Your Vehicle If It Gets Damaged

Most motorcycle insurance policies pay for damages caused to a motorcycle if you are involved in an accident with another motorcycle, car, building, or object. 

Stealing Motorcycles Is Very Common

Motorcycles are stolen much more often than cars. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, more than 41,000 motorcycles were stolen in the United States in 2018. For this reason, it is worth having proper motorcycle insurance that will cover theft.

Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency in Victoria, TX

Motorcycle insurance is important to have if you want to feel safe on the road, protect yourself and your motorcycle. If you are currently searching for a policy that will match your individual needs and requirements, Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency is ready to assist you. Feel free to contact our agency to know more about the options available or to receive the initial insurance consultation. 

Does Auto Insurance Cover Theft Of Personal Items?

It is important when filing an insurance claim that you know who to call. So let’s say someone breaks into your car while it’s parked at your job, and they steal a few items you had in the backseat. Will your auto policy with Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency cover that?

When it comes to personal belongings, the coverage actually falls to your home insurance provider. Even if your items were stolen or damaged while in your car or at a friend’s house. The home insurance policy covers your possessions whether they’re in the home or outside of it, just so long as you didn’t leave them lying around where just anyone could grab them.

Personal belongings in the car are covered in some instances, but the general rule is that if it’s not bolted down, it’s the home insurer’s problem. A car stereo, for instance, would be covered by your auto insurance. But a boom box sitting in the passenger seat would be covered by your home insurance.

Not all insurance policies are the same, and some auto insurance providers may cover certain belongings in the vehicle. In RV insurance, for instance, you might have some protection for items in the vehicle. But by and large, anything that you can remove from the car without popping the hood or opening the toolbox, your home insurance provider will cover it.

If you have any questions about auto insurance in Victoria, TX, or you’re looking to get covered, call Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency. Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency is here to provide Victoria, TX drivers with great deals on the auto insurance policies they need.

What Is Renters’ Insurance?

A rented home can come with some dangers that you can protect yourself against with insurance. Getting renters’ insurance is a way to protect yourself against several risks that could otherwise leave you without your belongings and even without a home. If you don’t have renters’ insurance yet, contact us at Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency in Victoria, TX, to discuss the coverage you need.

Protecting Your Possessions

One of the main things that people get renters’ insurance for is the coverage of all their belongings in the rental. This coverage protects you in case something terrible happens that ruins your belongings. With renters’ insurance there to pay for the items you lost, a catastrophe doesn’t have to be a devastating blow to your finances. Your items can all be replaced through your insurance company. To ensure that you have everything covered, it’s important to document what you owned either by taking a video or photos of your possessions. 

Covering Your Liability

When you have a person in your house, and that person becomes sick or injured, you are likely to be held liable for the medical bills that will result. Another important reason to have renters’ insurance is that it covers your liability for incidents like these. With this coverage in place, you won’t have to come up with the medical bills yourself. 

Moving You Elsewhere

Another type of coverage it offers is to provide you with another residence if yours should be destroyed or significantly damaged. With this insurance, you don’t have to try to stay somewhere that is uninhabitable. You can instead move in elsewhere and have those expenses paid for by the insurance company.

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Is Motorcycle Insurance Required in Texas?

For motorcyclists in Victoria, TX, one common question lingering in people’s minds is— is it mandatory to be insured? 

The answer is YES! Every motorist on public roads in Texas should be insured against liability, which makes motorcycle insurance a legal requirement. 

What’s the main purpose of motorcycle insurance? As you’ll learn from Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency, this coverage mainly proves your financial capability to pay for losses resulting from an accident where you were at fault.

Types of Motorcycle Insurance Coverages You Should Know

When you’re on the road with your motorcycle, several unexpected accidents can happen. For instance, you may roll-over, hit a pedestrian, or collide with a vehicle. After an accident, the first thing to happen is to identify who’s at fault. 

If you’re at fault, then the financial burden of paying for the losses is placed on your shoulders. If you weren’t adequately insured, you’d have to incur some out-of-pocket expenses. 

Luckily, since it’s a legal requirement to have liability coverage, your insurance company will cover costs arising from property damage or bodily injuries caused to other people. 

But what happens to yourself and your motorbike? That’s when having additional coverage comes to save the day. Some coverages that you need to protect yourself include:

  • Personal injury protection: PIP will pay you for bodily injuries and loss of income following an accident.
  • Underinsured/uninsured protection: If the person at fault is uninsured/underinsured, you’ll need this coverage to protect yourself.
  • Collision protection: This coverage covers the expenses for your motorcycle repairs.
  • Comprehensive coverage: You need to protect your investment from theft, vandalism, and weather. That’s when this coverage is important.

Get Motorcycle Insurance Today

Are you a motorcycle owner in Victoria, TX? You can’t ignore motorcycle insurance. However, you need a reliable partner to get you the right coverage for your needs.

At Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency, we’re ready to help you get motorcycle insurance in Texas. Contact us today.

Why do people need to get RV insurance?

It continues to be very important for people all over the country to get proper insurance for their most important assets. An important form of coverage that you should always get is RV insurance. For those in the Victoria, TX area, there are a few different reasons why they need to get this type of coverage for their RV.

Insurance Ensures You Can Enjoy RV for Years to Come

A key reason people need to get RV insurance coverage is that it can ensure that you can enjoy your RV for a long time. An RV is a big investment that you will want to pay off for as long as possible. If you get RV insurance, you will get the coverage needed to repair or replace it if it is stolen or damaged. This can be great coverage for your investment to ensure you get as much out of it as you want. 

Insurance is a Requirement

You will also want to get this type of insurance because it is often a requirement for owners. Anyone that would like to purchase an RV will find that these vehicles often require taking out a loan. If you have financed this purchase, you will need to comply with your lender’s insurance requirements. Additionally, those who want to drive on a public road in Texas must carry liability coverage.

Those that want to buy an RV in Victoria, TX need to spend time assessing their insurance needs. If you are going to purchase an RV here, you should speak with the Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency team. When you call Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency, you can learn a lot about your different insurance options to help you pick a quality policy. 

Why insuring your car is essential

Are you thinking of leasing or purchasing a car? One of the most crucial things that you need to think of is car insurance. This will give you peace of mind if your car is damaged, stolen, or written off due to an accident. Over and above that, you won’t spend your savings on fixing your car. However, that will largely depend on the car insurance you have taken. In other words, is it a liability coverage that covers your legal responsibility to others for bodily injuries or car damage? Or is it a property coverage that pat theft and damage to your car? This is why you need car insurance:

1. Car insurance is mandatory

Drivers of the 49 states in the US are obliged to carry active car insurance. Some people might think insurance payments are steep, but what they don’t know is penalties for driving without it could add up to thousands of dollars. For example, in Victoria, TX, fines range from $2,000 to $70,000. You can avoid paying those fines by taking car insurance. 

2. You are safe from a lawsuit

No driver is perfect; anyone is prone to making a mistake while on the road. Once this happens, other drivers are likely to sue, in which case you will have to compensate them. If you take auto insurance that covers such incidence, you will have peace of mind. 

3. You will know that your car won’t be devalued

Another good reason why you should consider taking car insurance is that your car won’t be devalued. As you might know, a devalued car is not easy to sell. Need car insurance for your new or second-hand car Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency would like to hear from you.

A Guide To Help Texas Residents Find Boat Insurance

Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency serves the Victoria, TX community, and the surrounding areas, by offering residents multiple types of insurance coverage. We strive to help our clients find coverage that aligns with their needs. As an independent agency, we will help you assess different options before making the best decision for your situation.

Boat Insurance Options

Victoria, TX is known for its warm and sunny weather. During hot summers, many people enjoy cooling off by the lake in their boats. If you enjoy operating a boat as part of your summer festivities, boat insurance is an asset. The policy protects you if an accident were to occur, and your boat suffers damages. You are also covered if your boat is stolen or vandalized due to a fire or another type of natural disaster. Liability coverage is another important part of your policy. Liability coverage protects your boat if you are involved in an accident, and you may be held responsible. The policy also covers you if you have passengers riding on the boat with you and someone suffers an injury.

You can amend your policy to cover attachments like anchors if they are damaged or stolen. The policy also covers any accessories that you choose to add to your boat. If you have any luxury items onboard, you may have to amend your policy to receive full coverage if something happens. If your boat suffers engine or equipment failure, you can receive emergency assistance.

Be aware that your policy will likely contain navigational limits that outline the areas where you can operate your boat and maintain coverage. If you use your boat outside of the outline area, you will not be covered if something happens.

Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency Will Help You Protect Your Assets

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What does flood insurance cover

Floods cause a devastating amount of damage every year in the United States. Texas has been hit by major flooding, and hurricane Harvey in 2017 comes to mind. Many people mistakenly believe that home insurance provides flood coverage, it doesn’t, and neither does renters insurance. As little as one inch of floodwater in your home can cause up to $25,000 in damage. If you don’t have flood insurance, you will be doing those repairs on your own. It could take a long time to come up with the money, or you will need to borrow the money. Neither option is particularly attractive. At Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency in Victoria, TX, we have a deep history in this town, and our customers are part of the Atzenhoffer family. 

Flood insurance is managed by FEMA ( Federal Emergency Management Agency) and is delivered to the public through NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program). You can purchase it directly from NFIP or through about 50 insurance carriers. Your policy will be rated by your risk level. You must, however, be in a community that is part of the NFIP program. Flood insurance comes in two parts, and they are sold individually. You can choose to have one or both. One part covers the building, and one part covers the content. 


The building portion covers the actual structure and the foundation. It also includes the stairs, kitchen cabinets, built-in bookcases, and major appliances like dishwasher, stove, and refrigerator. It includes the electrical, plumbing, water heater, furnace, central air conditioning, and well water tank. 


The contents are all the personal items like your furniture, small kitchen appliances, washer and dryer, decor, toys, electronics, clothing, and shoes.  

With changing weather patterns and rising waters, flooding has become an ever-present danger. At Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency in Victoria, TX, we would like to talk to you about the benefits of flood insurance. Call us or stop into our office and let you give you a no-obligation quote.