Is Motorcycle Insurance Required in Texas?

For motorcyclists in Victoria, TX, one common question lingering in people’s minds is— is it mandatory to be insured? 

The answer is YES! Every motorist on public roads in Texas should be insured against liability, which makes motorcycle insurance a legal requirement. 

What’s the main purpose of motorcycle insurance? As you’ll learn from Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency, this coverage mainly proves your financial capability to pay for losses resulting from an accident where you were at fault.

Types of Motorcycle Insurance Coverages You Should Know

When you’re on the road with your motorcycle, several unexpected accidents can happen. For instance, you may roll-over, hit a pedestrian, or collide with a vehicle. After an accident, the first thing to happen is to identify who’s at fault. 

If you’re at fault, then the financial burden of paying for the losses is placed on your shoulders. If you weren’t adequately insured, you’d have to incur some out-of-pocket expenses. 

Luckily, since it’s a legal requirement to have liability coverage, your insurance company will cover costs arising from property damage or bodily injuries caused to other people. 

But what happens to yourself and your motorbike? That’s when having additional coverage comes to save the day. Some coverages that you need to protect yourself include:

  • Personal injury protection: PIP will pay you for bodily injuries and loss of income following an accident.
  • Underinsured/uninsured protection: If the person at fault is uninsured/underinsured, you’ll need this coverage to protect yourself.
  • Collision protection: This coverage covers the expenses for your motorcycle repairs.
  • Comprehensive coverage: You need to protect your investment from theft, vandalism, and weather. That’s when this coverage is important.

Get Motorcycle Insurance Today

Are you a motorcycle owner in Victoria, TX? You can’t ignore motorcycle insurance. However, you need a reliable partner to get you the right coverage for your needs.

At Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency, we’re ready to help you get motorcycle insurance in Texas. Contact us today.