Common Myths About Motorcycle Insurance

Are you thinking of buying a motorcycle? Most people think about it at some point in their lives. If you already decided to become a motorcycle owner, you should remember that you will also have to purchase motorcycle insurance in order to protect your new precious investment and yourself on the road. Unfortunately, motorcycle insurance has a lot of myths that should be debunked, and here is a list of a few of them. 

Common Myths About Motorcycle Insurance:

  • It is enough to have minimum coverage. Most motorcycle owners want to save money on insurance and purchase the minimum. However, the minimum coverage is not enough in most cases, especially when serious road accidents occur.
  • It is ok to cancel your policy during the winter months. Many motorcycle owners do not ride their motorcycles in winter and therefore decide to cancel their policies. However, in most cases, this causes their insurance rates to increase. Moreover, starting and stopping motorcycle insurance may also create a chance that a motorcycle owner’s registration will be canceled. 
  • Auto insurance covers motorcycle accidents. Motorcycles are excluded from auto insurance policies, which means that your auto insurance will not cover damages and losses associated with a motorcycle accident. For this reason, if you ride a motorcycle, make sure that you purchase a separate policy for it. 

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