Broken Car Mirrors: Are You Covered?

At Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency, we experience many unique claims. For example, many Victoria, TX, residents come to us with broken mirrors and wonder if their policy can help. Here’s what you must know about this situation.

Are You Covered When Your Mirrors Break?

Your insurance policy is likely to cover broken mirrors on your car in most situations. The coverage here all depends on whether you caused the problem or if someone else did. For example, if a vandal snapped off your side mirrors as a joke or because they do not like you, then your insurance company will pay for their replacement. They’ll help after you pay your deductible for the year.

However, other types of situations may also be covered. For example, if another person hits your vehicle, and it is not your fault, your mirrors should be replaced with no complaint. But if you are to blame for the damage to your mirrors by causing the accident, your policy may not cover you. Again, this depends on the value of your policy, as comprehensive options may cover all damage and repairs. 

That said, any other damage that you cause is NOT covered. For example, if you drive too close to a building and damage your mirrors, you are at fault and likely cannot get your mirrors covered. Similarly, you cannot get covered if you break the mirror on purpose or attempt to fix it yourself and cause damage. Those actions void your policy and put you in a challenging situation as a person.

Insure Your Mirrors Properly 

If you’re worried about this issue, please contact us at Atzenhoffer Insurance Agency. We serve Victoria, TX, and can help you find an auto insurance policy that makes sense for your needs as a person.